Euromeet 2011 @ Smartwax Feb 5th

Flier says it all .. check it out. i’ll definitely be there with camera in hand.

Billy Shea.

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Carstyle, lifestyle and music

We all know music goes with car the scene we all like to play good music in the car. Either we’re bumpin’ it loud as shit where you’re shaking the walls of the houses while driving down the block or just have it set enough to enjoy the engine symphony and still rock with it. I got a homie that DJ’s and i wanted to share with ya’ll. He comes out with these podcast that are just sick!!!.
Check it out! here on DJ JUJU FB page and DL the most recent mix here NEW MIX

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Feature Vehicle 3T Porsche Cayenne

We’ve never really featured any cars on this site and thought it was due time we did. So to start it off with a car errr SUV haha we have the John M’s 3T Porsche Cayenne. The ride is sick! I only have 3 pics of it for now but,  if I can get more will update again with them.
This is a Personal 3T built vehicle with a Hamann Cyclone kit, which is just insane. Fender flares and kit just excentuate the curves perfectly. As it sits currently on KRANZE BAZREIA 22inch wheels that make the ride look exceptional. The old black face wheels in in the last pic sOo needed to get replaced haha. sorry John. But trust me looks better now LOL.  Check out their website here > 3T Motorsport

Billy Shea

And the old pic!! bleh .. Glad you got rid of these wheels. :p

Billy Shea

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Auto Fashion -payment plan-

I’m working on a Feature vehicle write up and pics and in the meantime thought i’d throw this out there. This is an amazing deal for car junkies to jump on !! 6 months to pay off quality parts! WOW. Go check out Autofashion website for details.

Lets get this year started!!! Financing available on approved credit! Dont let your ride look like this and get some quality parts and get 6 months interest free. Limted time get up to 20%off on certain products (does not apply with any other offers or discounts).

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illest Grand Opening 1-11-11

I’m not sure if you guys have heard the hype for the illest grand opening in J-Town LA but the hype was totally met. I saw people tweeting and friends letting each other know how long they’re been waiting inline. The store opened at 12 and by 8a the line was wrapped around the block. I saw that it’s a boutique and by the pics it’s simple and nice. Very well set up store. I couldn’t make it out but the Photos are by my buddy Minh Nguyen so ya’ll get to see a little but of how the grand opening was.


Billy Shea

JDMcar pics here

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Illest store LA Grand Opening 1-11-11

I’ve seen the buzz on FB and some pics of the outside of the store and by that it’s looking like it’s gonna be a dope set up inside. A lot of planning and setting up went into the LA store and it’s finally opening today at 12p. First 50 people get a gift!! So if you can go when they open GO!!! haha. I wish i could but damn job has me at a desk instead of having fun. Hopefully get to check the spot out soon.
Billy Shea

Here’s the details:

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RAUH- Welt nough said

This Porsche is just CLASSIC!!! What i would give to see these on the streets here .. WOW! Pure sex!! ::drool:: Sorry for the car-gasm it’s just the more i look for pics i find of these flat black track monsters and oh my goodness @#%^& haha. ok ok . that’s enough. On to the pics.

Billy Shea

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